Do Your Ears Pop in Space?
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Do Your Ears Pop in Space?

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Product Description

Do Your Ears Pop in Space? is a 240 page, soft cover book in which the author answers 500 popular space questions, including: How does the space toilet work? Have astronauts seen any UFOs? Are astronauts superstitious? What is a Vomit Comet? How do astronauts eat, drink bathe, brush their teeth, etc.? Virtually every aspect of spaceflight is covered, including: space physics, living in space and space physiology. An entire chapter is devoted to the Challenger tragedy. Some popular misconceptions about spaceflight and astronauts are corrected, including these: You are weightless in a space shuttle because there is no gravity in space (wrong!). The only human-made object visible to the naked eye from space is the Great Wall of China (wrong!).